John Steel and Doogie White
Everything or Nothing


1. Intro
2. Creator
3. From Dusk Till Dawn
4. Forever and Always
5. Behind Closed Doors
6. Lost Messiah
7. One God
8. Spirit Lies
9. Wings of a Storm
10. Behold the Night
11. Emperor's New Clothes

Line up:

Doogie White - lead vocal
Ivan Stalev - guitar
Victor Georgiev - guitar
Ivan Popov - guitar
Petar Petrov - bass
Jivodar Dimitrov - drums

Record Label / Year of Release:

John Steel LTD 2017


The band was formed in April 2007 by Ivan Stalev (gutar), Boyko Gochev (bass) and Jivodar Dimitrov (drums). The idea of the band has come from a single project called Ivan Stalev Guitar Show! Jivodar and Boyko decided to tell the idea to form a new project to Ivan and that was the begining of the new band.