Peppermint Beach Club - Virginia Beach VA, USA

February 20, 1981

My friends and I saw Rainbow in Virginia Beach, Va at the Peppermint Beach Club in I believe March 19 or 20, 1981 (Actually it was February 20, ed.). It was the very first show or warm up show for the Difficult To Cure tour. We sat right in front of Richard and I took many photos with my 35mm Olympus and a 50mm lens. I shook hands with everyone in the band.

In fact, I reached up and ran my index finger across Ritchie's Picato guitar strings on the headstock side of the neck while he was playing!!! At the end Blackmore took his Strat and put the headstock thru the ceiling. They played Jimi's Fire. Joe Lynn sang, "Move over Rover and let Ritchie take over". lol - These photos are scans of old photos, so not the best quality. Enjoy

Scott Glover