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  • Plans for a tour of mainland Europe in February were never confirmed
  • 11.03.1984 Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan [S] [B] [P] [T]
    support act: unknown

  • 13.03.1984 Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan [S] [SA] [B] [T] [M]
    support act: Action

  • 14.03.1984 Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan [S] [SA] [B] [P] [T] [M]
    support act: Action - complete concert was filmed
    released on video and laserdisc in Japan as "Japan Tour '84"
    four tracks later included on "Finyl Vinyl", when the CD was remastered in 1999, a fifth track
    Street Of Dreams (previously only available on the cassette version), was included

  • After these shows Ritchie put the band 'on hold'.
    Ritchie and Roger rejoined Deep Purple and it would be ten years before Rainbow would rise again.