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  • The South American dates were originally scheduled for May
    Despite initial concerns about using a locally provided PA, the shows went ahead without any problems

  • 27.06.1996 Teatro Monumental, Santiago, Chile [S] [B] [T] [R]
    no support act

  • 29.06.1996 Gran Teatro Opera, Buenos Aires, Argentina [S] [B] [P] [T] [M] [R]
    support act: unknown - part-filmed for MTV

  • 30.06.1996 Teatro Opera, Buenos Aires, Argentina [S] [B] [P] [M]
    support act: unknown

  • 02.07.1996 Bar Opiniao, Cidade Baixa - Porto Alegre, Brazil [S] [R]
    support act: unknown

  • 04.07.1996 Aeroanta, Curitiba, Brazil [S] [R]
    support act: unknown

  • 05.07.1996 Olympia, São Paulo, Brazil [S] [B] [T] [R]
    no support act

  • 06.07.1996 Olympia, São Paulo, Brazil [S] [B] [T] [R]
    no support act

  • 07.07.1996 Olympia, São Paulo, Brazil [S] [T] [R]
    no support act

  • 09.07.1996 Metropolitan/ATL Hall, Barra, Brazil

  • ??.07.1996 Bogota, Columbia
    venue: unknown - cancelled

  • ??.07.1996 La Paz, Bolivia
    venue: unknown - cancelled

  • 21.07.1996 Messegelände, Balingen, Germany [S] [SA] [B] [P] [M]
    Radio SWF3 Festival - ZZ Top headlining
    Ritchie and Doogie were invited to do an interview straight after their set in a marquee close to the stage
    where they played some acoustic songs [Greensleeves and Hey Joe] to an audience of around 2,000 people

  • 24.07.1996 Sommerarena, Vienna, Austria [S] [B] [T] [M]
    support act: unknown
    Ritchie is said to have recorded the guitar solo for Pat Boone's cover of 'Smoke On The Water'
    (for Pat Boone's No More Mr. Nice Guy album) after the Vienna show

  • 26.07.1996 Nibelungenhalle, Passau, Germany [S] [B] [M] [R]
    support act: Canterbury - without Candice

  • 28.07.1996 Gemeentehal, Vosselaar, Belgium [S] [SA] [B] [T] [M] [P] [R]
    support act: Bad Habit

  • 29.07.1996 Paradiso, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    cancelled - the promoter had wanted to include a show in Amsterdam but Ritchie wouldn't play there
    perhaps remembering the events of early 1973 when a Deep Purple concert ended in a riot

  • 30.07.1996 Serenadenhof, Nürnberg, Germany [S] [B] [M]
    support act: unknown

  • 01.08.1996 Stadthalle, Schmallenberg, Germany [S] [B] [T]
    support act: unknown

  • 02.08.1996 Pier 2, Bremen, Germany [S] [B] [M]
    support act: unknown
    the song All About The Kiss was included after Ritchie handed his guitar to his roadie to tune it and
    said the band could play whatever they wanted for two minutes. The title of a bootleg of this show,
    Ritchie Falls Down, was inspired by the fact that, after this number, Ritchie didn't immediately reappear as
    he had fallen down some stairs on leaving the stage

  • 03.08.1996 Eissporthalle, Bad Wörishofen, Germany [S] [B] [M] [P]
    support act: unknown - a show beset with problems with the PA

  • 06.08.1996 Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway [S] [SA] [B] [R]
    support act: Bangkok Babes - Start delayed

  • 07.08.1996 Rondo, Gothenburg, Sweden [S] [SA] [B]
    support act: Freak Kitchen

  • 09.08.1996 Folkets Park, Lidköping, Sweden [S] [SA] [B] [R]
    support act: Black Ingvars - Paul Morris played the show with a bandage over one eye, suffering from conjunctivitis

  • 10.08.1996 Dyrehaven, Skanderborg, Denmark [S] [SA] [B] [P]
    Smukkeste Festival - filmed - Paul Morris played the show with a patch over one eye

  • 11.08.1996 5-Øren Amager Strandpark, Copenhagen, Denmark [S] [SA] [B] [P1] [P2] [T] [M] [R]
    Giants Of Rock Festival - with: Mercyful Fate, Pretty Maids, Led Zeppelin Jam (cover band) - Babylon Zoo cancelled

  • North American dates, originally planned for November 1996, were put back
    initially to January 1997 and confirmed for February and March 1997
  • 14.11.1996 The Jaxx, West Springfield VA, USA [T]