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  • North American dates, originally planned for November 1996, were put back
    initially to January 1997 and confirmed for February and March 1997
  • 20.02.1997 Birch Hill Nite Club, Old Bridge NJ, USA [S] [B] [T] [M] [P] [R]
    support act: unknown

  • 21.02.1997 The Strand Theater, Providence RI, USA [S] [SA] [B] [T] [M] [R]
    support act: Great White, Sky Blues

  • 22.02.1997 The Jaxx, West Springfield VA, USA [S] [B] [T] [R]
    support act: unknown 2 bands

  • 26.02.1997 Warehouse, Toronto ON, Canada [S] [B] [T] [R]
    support act: "something" Dolls

  • 27.02.1997 The Machine, Massillon OH, USA [S] [S] [B] [M] [R]
    support act: unknown

  • 28.02.1997 Alrosa Villa, Columbus OH, USA [S] [B] [P] [R]
    support act: unknown

  • 01.03.1997 Harpo's Concert Theater, Detroit MI, USA [S] [B] [R]
    support acts: Boys from illinois, wave:

  • 02.03.1997 Jack Hammers, Schaumburg IL, USA [S] [B] [R]
    support act: Boys from Illinois, Wave:
    By now, a virus which had originally hit Greg Smith, then Doogie and the rest of the band,
    had Doogie feeling so ill that he checked into hospital in Milwaukee and says he was so
    unwell he has virtually no memory of the shows from Milwaukee through to Omaha

  • 06.03.1997 The Rave, Milwaukee WI, USA [S] [B] [T]
    support act: unknown

  • 07.03.1997 Medina Entertainment Center, Minneapolis MN, USA [S] [SA] [B] [M]
    support act: Big Stash And His Texans - Doogie, for his birthday, was 'custard-pied' on stage

  • 08.03.1997 Ranch Bowl Entertainment Center, Omaha NE, USA [S]
    support act: unknown

  • 09.03.1997 Beaumont Club, Kansas City MO, USA [S] [R]
    support act: unknown

  • 13.03.1997 Electric Ballroom, Tempe AZ, USA [S] [B] [T] [R]
    support act: unknown

  • 14.03.1997 Huntridge Performing Arts Theatre, Las Vegas NV, USA [S] [M]
    support act: unknown

  • 16.03.1997 Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana CA, USA [S] [B] [T] [R]
    support act: unknown

  • 17.03.1997 Billboard Live, W. Hollywood CA, USA [S] [B] [T] [R]
    support act: unknown

  • 18.03.1997 Billboard Live, W. Hollywood CA, USA [S] [B] [T] [M] [R]
    support act: unknown

  • 19.03.1997 The Edge, Palo Alto CA, USA [S] [B] [T] [M] [R]
    support act: unknown

  • 20.03.1997 Theatre California, Ventura CA, USA
    At Palo Alto, Ritchie mentioned he wanted to do another tour, this time covering
    the east coast, and though plans were made this never happened.

  • Dates were being planned for Poland, Russia, Hungary, Spain, Italy and Greece
  • 10.05.1997 Arena, Poznan, Poland [M]

  • 11.05.1997 Spodek, Katowic, Poland

  • 30.05.97 The band, minus Ritchie [who was watching Jethro Tull's set at the Esjberg Festival], rehearsed at Esjberg's Tobakfabrikken
  • 31.05.1997 Festpladsen, Esbjerg, Denmark [S] [SA] [B] [T] [P] [M] [R]
    Esjberg Rock Festival with Ten Years After, Peter Green & Bachman Turner Overdrive
    Legend has it that Cozy Powell had been scheduled to join the band for Smoke On The Water during the encores
    but that the festival's curfew stopped this from happening. According to one of the band, this was never mentioned